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Josh Magness

Full Stack Developer

Part Time Designer

Emergency Project Manager

Lover of Bulldogs

Fan of Guy Ritchie Movies

Tech Hobbyist

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I’ve had a passion for technology and electronics since I was a child. My interest in electronics lead me to being asked to fix every device around the house. I broke more devices than I fixed, but I continued to tinker with anything I could find. With my parent’s encouragement, I continued playing with electronics into high school and college. During that time, personal computers became popular and affordable. After I got my first computer, I learned about peer to peer networks and I created what I thought was the coolest MySpace page ever.

I completed my Bachelor's of Science degree, and went to work for a subcontractor at APG (Abeerden Proving Ground). One of the projects we were working on required engineers to hack the first generation iPhone. I stayed late, and learned as much as I could from those engineers. I was instantly hooked and after two days, I was ‘jailbreaking’ my phone and loading third party software via Cydia. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I wanted to learn more.

In 2007, I decided to obtain a degree in Information Technology. I had completed enough higher level math courses as undergraduate to qualify for Masters program with only two prerequisites coding courses. My first coding course was on object oriented programming using C++. It was a difficult and humbling six months but I was able to meet the requirements to proceed with the Master's program. During college, I learned the concepts and methodologies to construct maintainable software, but more importantly I got exposure to all aspects of creating applications. I created project plans, mock prototypes, database schema, and implemented working applications.

I started at Alexander Tom in 2011, after two successful internships. My first year at A+T was the hardest professional year of my life. The first year I worked eighty plus hour weeks every week. It took some time, but I was able to elevate myself into a full stack developer position. Since 2011, I've completed over twenty award winning sites and helped to strategize the future plans for government agencies such as the Department of Treasury.

Work Experience

Alexander Tom Inc

November 2011 - Present

Alexander Tom is an award winning digital agency located in Baltimore. I primarily work as a full stack developer but I also help with project coordination, client management and design.

  • Configured and maintained a LAMP stack for production sites on Amazon EC2 (CentOS, RedHat, and Amazon Linux AMI), MediaTemple, and Cloud Sigma
  • Utilized build processes Webpack, Gulp and Grunt as well as created my own using NodeJs
  • Utilized deployment processes flightplan.js, Capistrano as well as created my own using NodeJs and ShellJs
  • Created responsive websites using PostCSS, Less, Sass, and vanilla CSS
  • Utilized grid frameworks: bootstrap, zen-grid, and created element based queries with Custom Elements
  • Developed custom CMS solutions using Ruby on Rails and MySQL or Node.js and MongoDB with Mongoose
  • Created out of the box CMS solutions using CraftCMS (PHP), Expression Engine (PHP) and Refinery (Rails)
  • Created a component library with Custom Elements to create mock prototypes
  • Integrated with API endpoints for dynamic web content

Client work includes:

  • National Parks Service
  • Department of Treasury
  • Export-Import Bank of United States
  • Chase Bank
  • HMSHost
  • JJ Haines
  • Star Spangled 200
  • The Stronach Group
  • 98Rock

Piccirilli Dorsey

May 2011 - November 2011 (Internship)

Piccirilli Dorsey is a digital agency location in Bel Air, Maryland. I was primarily a front end developer build front interfaces for expression engine and WordPress.

  • Developed CMS websites using Expression Engine (PHP)
  • Developed 508 compliant web pages
  • Wrote jQuery plugins
  • Completed quality assurance testing with all browsers

Kelly & Associates

June 2010 - May 2011 (Internship)

Kelly & Associates is an insurance and payroll company located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I was primarily a QA analytics associate who created test scripts using C#. I also helped to create and maintain .Net pages for internal applications.

  • Created unit and integration tests with Selenium toolkit written in C#
  • Created web pages using .Net 4.0 and C# razor syntax
  • Create front end webpages using HTML, CSS, and jQuery
  • Meet with business users during the discovery process for requirements gathering


Applied Information Technology

Masters of Science

Towson University

I excelled at Database management and web development in the program. Database management was my strongest skill when I left college. The most important class that I took was computer forensic. The class was a struggle, but i learned about linux based systems for the first time which lead me to working with different linux distros as a developer.

Sports Management

Bachelors of Science

Towson University

I dreamed of being a draft guru like Mel Kiper Jr when I was a kid. In high school, I created my own first round mock guides. In college, I choose Sports Management in as my major to pursue my dream of being a draft expert. That dream didn't work out, but I have maintained an enduring passion for sports and the effects of sports in society.

Code Examples

I like challenge myself with oddball projects for fun. I started collecting them on my resume as example samples of my working knowledge and skillset.

NodeJs Application With Contact Form

Create a web application that uses NodeJs for server side actions. Must be 508 compliant with keyboard navigation.

For this challenge, I decided to modify my resume to include a contact form that is submits to a server API

Stack :


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Headless CMS with React

Create a single page application using the libraries React and React Router to pull data from a headless CMS.

For this challenge, I decided to make an application for my dog. My wife loves take pictures of him so I built the site with CraftCMS so she can upload and tag photos and modify the content of each route.

Stack :

React, React Router, CraftCMS, Webpack, HTML, CSS, JS

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