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Josh Magness

Full Stack Developer

UX Designer

Front End Enthusiast

Accessibility Promoter

Occasional Project Manager

Freelance Graphic Designer

Lover Of Bulldogs

Fan Of Guy Ritchie Movies

Tech Hobbyist

Work Experience

The University of Maryland College Park

The University of Maryland is one of the nation’s preeminent higher educational institutions. Their research and computer science programs ranks among the highest institutions in the world.

Director of Front-End Development

June 2020 - Present

I managed the project lifecycle for newly created high-traffic web properties. I managed a multidisciplinary team of web enthusiasts. I made WCAG 2.1 compliant reusable web components based on our brand guidelines for campus units.

  • Managed a team comprised of full-stack engineers, UX Designers, Project Managers, Information Architects, and Quality Assurance engineers. Helped team members define short-term value objectives and set long-term career goals.
  • Managed campus partner and vendor relationships. Defined phased scoping for internal and external projects. Evaluated final deliverables for successful completion of the project.
  • Contributed to several milestones for the University’s 508 compliance initiative. Created accessibility standards for campus partners and third-party vendors. Provided instruction on best practices for code and content.
  • Managed and helped maintain several SPA sites built in React and Styled Components and served with Next.js
  • Implemented a design-build system using the atomic design methodology. Created a library of custom elements from our design system. Several of the components are open-sourced and utilized for various University projects.
  • Managed and helped maintain several high traffic priority sites built with content management systems: CraftCMS and Drupal. Templates are created from our design system, which provides 508 compliant, user-focused experiences. In addition, these systems are used as API endpoints for GraphQL requests for external properties.
  • Conducted and documented weekly one-on-one meetings, quarterly expectations setting meetings, and yearly performance reviews.

Under Armour Baltimore

Under Armour is a world-renowned sports apparel company. UA has been evolving the sports apparel market for over 20 years through innovation. Under Armour's tech stack includes Javascript, Scala, and NodeJs.

Software Engineer

July 2019 - June 2020

I primarily work on the B2B E-Commerce application called ArmourHouse. I work on a multidisciplinary team in an agile environment with continuous integration and deployment. We deploy in Kubernetes containers.

  • Worked on a large scale E-Commerce application with a 99.9% uptime using React, Redux, React Router, Apollo, and GraphQL.
  • Created API GraphQL endpoints in Scala and PostgreSQL.
  • Conducted peer code reviews with GitHub.
  • Created isolated responsive and 508 compliant components in storybook using styled-components.
  • Created design tool built using styled components and typescript.
  • Converted compontents to be responsive and 508 compliant.
  • Was affectionately referred to as the CSS guy

Happy Cog New York (Remote)

Happy Cog is one of the premier digital agencies in the New York area. Happy Cog provides a full range of web services, including design, development, and marketing. Happy Cog is a preferred partner of CraftCMS.

Developer, UX Designer

February 2019 - July 2019

I have been a development lead and UX designer for a USA Today subsidiary. I collaborated with designers and stakeholders for user-centered and WCAG designs. I contributed to &Pizza and other web applications with a large number of users.

  • Led development for web applications built with React, React Router, and Redux. The apps integrate with web services to provide a WCAG compliant single page applications.
  • Created static mock websites from designs and conducted usability testing with clients and stakeholders.
  • Created components for A/B usability reviews.
  • Developed Angular components for continuous integration applications.
  • Created user flows for applications supporting multiple platforms using Ionic and Cordova.
  • Partnered with the design team to create user-friendly, accessible, and responsive web pages. Led design workshops for usability, accessibility, and semantic HTML.
  • Utilized Docker and Docker Dash for containerized development and deployment.

Alexander Tom Inc Baltimore

Alex+Tom is an award-winning digital agency in the Baltimore area. Alex+Tom provides a range of services, including design, development, usability testing, and marketing. Alex+Tom was founded over twenty-five years ago and has been a leading usability agency for the last fifteen years.

Senior Developer, UX Designer

November 2011 - March 2019

I was a development lead and UX designer for clients, including the Department of Treasury and the National Park Service. I created award-winning interfaces and web services for high traffic agencies and companies.

  • Created WCAG compliant user interfaces for government and corporate clients. Utilized ARIA and semantic HTML for easy user navigation that is 508 compliant.
  • Created over fifteen award-winning user interfaces using vanilla Javascript, React, and Angular. I bundle client-side code with Webpack for transpiling and code splitting. Utilized Javascript events to create 508 compliant keyboard navigation.
  • Created server-side web services (API endpoints) using Ruby, PHP, and Node. These web services were created in REST or GraphQL using the MVC architectural pattern.
  • Created responsive interfaces with vanilla CSS and transpiled CSS from PostCSS, Less, and Sass. Created encapsulated styled components for extensibility and maintainability. Utilized Atomic design methodology for a hierarchy organization of components and common styles.
  • Coordinated with designers and stakeholders to create user-centric design experiences. Collaborations included reviewing designs for UX concerns, creating mock examples of concerning components or pages with alternative options, creating user questions, analysis the results of user testing.
  • Mentored stakeholders, designers, content managers, and other developers on creating user-driven and accessible interfaces. Provided individual and group training for component design, content authoring, and code structure.
  • Utilized an agile development approach to iterate interactive usability and eye tracking tests. Rapid prototyping daily based on user feedback for comparative analysis.
  • Compile qualitative research from user experience testing to create usability portals for stakeholders. Created interactive website portals with each participant's information, eye tracking videos, and results.
  • Worked with multiple stakeholders to deliver complex projects for the department of treasury.
  • Created a library of components using Custom Elements for rapid prototyping. Abstract common styles into reusable repositories and add components with a package manager for the DRY design principle.
  • Configured and maintained Linux servers for production sites on Amazon EC2. Used Linux distros CentOS, RedHat, and Amazon Linux AMI FedRAMP certified servers.
  • Created and maintained high traffic sites using the content management systems CraftCMS, Expression Engine, Drupal, and Keystone. Created plugins and modules for CraftCMS to enhance the authoring experience for content managers and stakeholders. Created plugins for CraftCMS for enhanced user experiences on the client with integrations with third-party web services.
  • Utilize MySQL and PostgreSQL for custom database integration with triggers and ORM integration.

Client work includes:

  • Department of Treasury
  • National Parks Service
  • Export-Import Bank of United States
  • Chase Bank
  • HMSHost
  • JJ Haines
  • Star Spangled 200
  • The Stronach Group
  • 98Rock

Kelly & Associates Hunt Valley

Kelly & Associates is an insurance and payroll company located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Kelly & Associates is one or the nation's largest providers of benefits administration and technology. Kelly & Associates provides a full range of internal services for users and brokers.

QA Developer

June 2010 - September 2011 (Internship)

Led the automated quality insurance testing. Provided daily reports on system status and test results. Created ASP webpages using C#.

  • Created unit and integration tests with Selenium toolkit written in C#. Update the automated scripts daily for development changes.
  • Execute test scripts and provide daily reports on application state in daily stand-ups.
  • Created front end webpages using HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
  • Created ASP pages using test driven development.
  • Meet with business users during the discovery process for requirements gathering.

Code Examples

I to like challenge myself with oddball projects for fun. I started collecting them on my resume as example samples of a basic working knowledge.

Headless CMS with React

Create a single page application using the libraries React and React Router to pull data from a headless CMS.

For this challenge, I decided to make an application for my dog. My wife loves take pictures of him so I built the site with CraftCMS so she can upload and tag photos and modify the content of each route.


Create a Whack A Mole game using vanilla JS.

This was an interview challenge that I thought was fun. The requirements were to build a game using no frameworks so a user can play a game of whack-a-mole online.


Applied Information Technology

Masters of Science

Towson University

I excelled at database management during the program. I learned to love and respect Linux operation system in a computer forensic course. I learned to express myself through drawling during the program.

Sports Management

Bachelors of Science

Towson University

I excelled at mathematical logic during the program. I learned to love Economics in my Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses. I learned to clear and concise communication skills.